About Us

+ Patches are designed for the simple, collective individual. For the person who wants to step away from the normal, everyday routine. The ones who see themselves as trendsetters. This is a movement for those who remain exclusive. Designed for those creative individuals who are independent. We thrive on being looked upon as the Rolling Elite. A collective group of people who say no to conformity. Our comfortable, yet sophisticated brand is how we identify with the outside world. Patches are how brand seekers identify with us. This is a stand out brand identified only as Patches. 


 The symbol used for Patches & Co comes from the Arabic culture pronounced (Bu-Kuhaah). The Arabic language is very diverse and a particular character can mean different things depending on the circumstance it is being used in. For our brand Patches the symbol is used in representation for the patches we place on our garments and is in no way shape or form used to be disrespectful or offensive towards the Arabic culture. More information in regards to the other meanings of this symbol please visit this link. Symbol Info